I do stuff

Things that interest me


I love to take things apart to see how they worked and take different pieces of things to make something else.

Traditional Wood working

85% handtools. Recently pickup the interest of traditonal wood working as a hobby. Picking up old tools and restoring them. Woodworking is like solving a puzzle. It's very satisfing to see dovetails come together.

Sanshin and Guitar

Mostly for my own amusment. For Guitar, it's mostly classical with the occasional classic rock.

In the past year, I started taking Sanshin lessons. I recently made my own Kankara sanshin, and sanshin using mostly recycle meterials. According to my instructor, I am the only person he knows of east of Hawaii that can make/repair a sanshin.


At one point, my handicap was as low as just under 12. Haven't had much time since the birth of my son.


Started just as a way to get regular work out and hang out with good friends. Was able to further my studies while in Japan. It's fun sport, can't wait to practic it with my son.